Coinfall announces partnership with Ellipal, leader of air-gapped cold wallet

We’ve partnered with Ellipal as one of the first NZ based businesses to resell crypto hardware wallets – available in Coinfall store December 2022

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Coinfall has an ambitious mission to increase the awareness of cryptocurrencies in the world. By leveraging popular platforms using blockchain technology and digital currencies, we hope to contribute to a society capable of an open financial system, where financial services are transparent and easy to navigate.

In order for the technology to achieve its full potential, the crypto industry needs to attract all corners of the Earth – even down under.

We are thrilled to announce our affiliate partnership with a global blockchain technology and crypto hardware leader. Ellipal offers the first and leading air-gapped cold wallet devoted to the complete security of digital currencies.

By providing cutting-edge crypto hardware at reasonable costs to NZ & Australian public, we will help foster the next generation of crypto hardware in the cryptocurrency industry.

Ellipal products will be available in our online store this Christmas, December 2022.

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